Welcome to Total=IC=

Total International Conflict or Total=IC=, is a TIC Tournament & Community, dedicated to keeping the game of Joint Ops alive until the very end. Total=IC= is 100% privately funded & there is no cost to join or participate in the tournament.

So what's different about Total=IC= ? Well, we want to run this tournament for the benefit of it's participants and to give the community a say in how the tournament is run; admins will be drawn from the community for limited periods of service (not indefinite autocrats). This is not a cheap copy of another tournament...we want this to be better..."the way gaming should have been"!

Our tournament will be run using the TIC mod. (The TIC mod is free to download)

A couple of forums are open to guests (non-registered users):

Welcome to Total=IC=
About Total=IC=
Help Desk
Public servers
Fruit Bowl - Escalation (Fridays)
Fruit Bowl - Total:IC (Sundays)
Fruit Bowl (JOTR & IC variants)
CC's Place - JOTR
Once registered, you'll see other forums too. Although most of it to date has been posted by a couple of people, we are just setting out a framework and we hope more people will post as this community evolves. Total=IC= will be different because we want to involve the members in policy decisions and tournament ideas. If you are a member of our community then we want to hear from you. You won't get a butt hurt admin telling you it's "none of your business" or trying to silence you.

Have a look at the discussion threads and if you have any ideas you want to put forwards then post them up or come and talk to us in TeamSpeak. All we ask is that you are courteous and abide by the community rules.